Sewer Pipe Lining

Commercial & Utility Drinking Water Systems

Blue Earth strives to help customers maintain and operate drinking water systems, regardless of size and purpose. Their products specialize in removing organic and inorganic materials from the systems, so as to ensure they stay clean and in service. They have a wide range of product suites, each of which are aimed at different types of water systems (from agriculture to municipal, to name a few), and their products are highly effective at keeping water systems in operation.

Blue Earth products can:

  • Extend the operational life of cooling tower infrastructures
  • Reduce and prevent waterborne bacterial outbreaks
  • Control and prevent hard scale growth and accumulation on water infrastructure
  • Provide safer and cleaner environments for agriculture and food processing facilities
  • Enhance primary disinfectant effectiveness to ensure safe, clean water
  • Improve plant health and root zone performance in hydroponics

Blue Earth Products Clean Your Water System Infrastructure

Blue Earth’s Floran line of products are designed to clean water infrastructure systems that may have been taken out of service due to build-up or inadequate cleaning maintenance. Their products remove organic and inorganic deposits, including iron, manganese, calcium, biomass, and algae.

Their products work on water tanks, filter bays, basins, air stripping towers, filter media, underdrains, and clearwells. Almost any water treatment and storage system can be cleansed and returned to operating status with a Floran product. 

Clearitas is a powerful formulation of oxidized chlorine specifically engineered to remove organic and inorganic deposits within water distribution systems. The unique oxidizing properties of Clearitas enable it to penetrate and remove the attachment mechanisms that start and hold inorganic and organic matrices together and to surfaces. Clearitas is a liquid formulation that works online in conjunction with a traditional disinfectant.

Clearitas maintains its performance integrity within a wide range of water conditions and removes mineral deposits without changing water corrosivity.

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