Larkin Creek

Hunt Engineers of Rochester, NY worked in conjunction with Monroe County and others to specify lining a twin arch 117” x 79″ CMP structure.

The project was very challenging, as the tolerances given to the sizing of the liner pipes were really tight due to hydraulic needs. Don LeBlanc of D.L. VEWS, Hugh Mickel of Contech, and many other industry professionals, worked together with Villager Construction to make this project a success.

Due to the tolerances, a test piece of the specified smooth pipe was supplied to run through the host pipes prior to starting the remainder of the pipe. A smooth pipe called ULTRA FLO was utilized on this project.


ClientMonroe County DOT
LocationGreece, New York
ServicesCulvert Lining System

Featured by Trenchless Technology Magazine

Due to the wide success and comprehensive cooperation between numerous organizations, this project was featured by Trenchless Technology, a digital magazine catering to the innovative culvert industry.

The Monroe County Department of Transportation bridge engineering and operations division’s responsibilities include an extensive planning, engineering, inspection and maintenance program for 175 bridges and nearly 275 major culverts in Monroe County, New York.

One of the bridges is a twin 117-in. x 79-in. galvanized corrugated steel pipe arch that has been in service since the 1980s. It carries Larkin Creek underneath North Greece Road, just north of West Ridge Road, in the town of Greece, New York, just west of Rochester.

The county had been watching this structure via its countywide inspection program. When significant corrosion reached the point of perforating the corrugated wall, the county decided to begin the process of replacement or repair (see Figure 1). It was soon realized that there were various utilities including a gas main that crossed over this structure. The culvert is near a very busy intersection with lots of daily traffic. In addition, overhead power lines could make construction activities, especially full replacement, quite tedious and expensive.

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