LocationCortlandt Manor, NY
ServicesCulvert Lining System

Dickey Brook

Our commitment to client satisfaction includes working in accordance to specific design / build parameters, as seen in this projected under Route 9A in Cortlandt Manor, NY.

The project required 96″ liner pipe to be  fit within the failing host pipe. Since the pipe had been matched to the project’s specifications, it fit without a problem and Route 9A has continued operation unhindered.

Our Commitment

We are committed to helping our clients understand and access the best culvert lining systems and lightweight cellular concrete products in the business. Our engineers have hands-on practice in the industry using our products, and we believe you will see firsthand just how cost-effective, flexible, and useful they are on the site.

Our products are easy to install, meet state DOT requirements, and help keep your project budget above the red. If you’re looking for innovative solutions capable of seeing your project to completion, contact us today.